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Installing Fort

While Fort is versatile and advanced file encryption software for Windows, installation is really simple, just follow the instructions of the installation program. Fort can be also used without installation, if that's what you need, please download the portable version of Fort from the downloads-page.

Portable version does not need installation, just unzip the files somewhere (for example to an USB flash drive) and run the FortPortable.exe.

Encrypting and decrypting files on Windows

Encrypting files on Windows with Fort is rather simple. After installing Fort you can right click any file and select action from the Fort submenu.
Fort supports all filetypes. You can use Fort to encrypt Office documents, images, PDF files, ZIP files or any type of file you want to. For encryption Fort uses military grade encryption algorithm.

If you're using the portable version (or Fort Home Edition), you can just as easily encrypt files using the Fort graphical user interface. Encrypting and decrypting folders works as the same way, simply right click a folder and choose the action.

How to securely delete files on Windows

Fort makes it easy to securely delete files from your computer.
Fort uses military grade file deleting method to achieve this. When you use Fort's secure delete, it will make sure that the file cannot be restored anymore. Normally when you delete a file (or move it to the recycle bin, it's not actually deleted from your computer and it can be restored by programs designed to restore deleted files.) Use Fort to make sure your files are truly deleted. Please note that securely deleting big files might will take time.

Portable version of Fort (or Fort Home Edition) does not include Windows Explorer extension for file deletion. If you're using the portable version, you can just as easily delete files securely using the Fort graphical user interface as you would when using Fort Professional.

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