File encryption for Windows
Fort is a versatile file encryption and password management software for Windows.

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Fort 4.2 released, see what's new.

File encryption made easy

Fort offers an easy and reliable encryption of files and folders. Password protecting files and folders has never been easier. Fort can be also used to encrypt files and directories in Onedrive, Dropbox and other similar services. Our core components are open source. Fort is used by thousands of individuals and companies around the world. Fort is available in 16 different languages.

Versatile features

Delete files securely

Fort includes military grade file deleting method.

Strong encryption

Uses AES with 256 bit keys, supports 4096 bit keyfiles.

Avoid keyloggers

Protect against keyloggers, supports on screen keyboards.


Always offline, no internet connection needed.

Password manager

Fort includes secure, yet easy to use, password manager to keep your passwords safe

Encrypt filenames

Filenames can reveal a lot of information. With Fort you can also encrypt filenames with ease.


Fort Professional costs only $39.90 USD . Pay once, use forever. No subscription. No hidden fees.

Easy to use

Encrypt and decrypt simply by right clicking files and folders. All this directly from your Windows explorer.


Free Download

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