Download Fort, file encryption for Windows

Fort Home Edition can be downloaded freely. If you want to use Fort for commercial purposes you will need to buy a license.

Fort has an easy to use installer for end users. No configuration needed, install and use. For more information, see how to use and install Fort. Fort works on all versions of Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. Latest changes in Fort can be seen in what's new section.

Download Installer


Miscellaneous downloads

Language package

This is an up to date translation package containing the latest translations which might not yet be part of the official Fort installer. To install, unzip the file and copy the language files into C:\Program Files\ Fort - File encryption for Windows\Lang.

Download language package.

Fort Portable

This is a portable version of Fort. This does not include the explorer extension, as they can't be portable. Unzip this package for example to a USB drive. To use the application run FortPortable.exe from the unzipped directory.

Download 32bit version. Download 64bit version.

Fort passphrase creator

Freeware, standalone tool to generate secure passphrases. User does not need to have Fort installed for this tool to work.

Download Fort passphrase creator.

What our customers say

"I have tried a lot of encryption applications over the years with varying degrees of success but Fort delivers what I needed in an encryption application. It's a small download and when installed light on resources, easy to encrypt & decrypt files and folders simply by clicking the right context menu. Password verification can be turned on or off. You can also make a backup of the file or folder before encrypting it. All in all a great encryption application for those concerned about privacy."


"Just what I need."


"It's really one of the best encryption programs."


"A good encryption software with explorer integration, just what i want."


"I love Fort, thanks for making this amazing encryption tool."


"Fort is a lightweight and easy to use program with strong encryption."


"The developer always gives good support and is fully committed to safety and security. Today it's hard to imagine my computer without Fort."