What's new in Fort


Fort 4.2 released
New feature: Delete files securely using Gutmann method.
Added Spanish translation
Fixed Fort portable sometimes not starting
Fixed too small buttons (on High DPI screens) in the encryption dialog
More affordable pricing, Fort professional costs only $39.90 USD from now on


Fort version 4.1 released.
New feature: Fort now supports encrypting filenames
Updated icons for the password dialog
As always, updated translations
Fixed a bug where Fort failed to find an encrypted file
Home edition is now free to use, but commercial use it not allowed and premium support is not available.


Fort version 4.0 released.
New feature: Secure and easy to password manager is now integrated within Fort.
Better icons, user interface polish.
Updated translations.
Fort file vault now detects missing files.
Updated license policy, home edition costs only $4.90 USD.
Many more major changes in the codebase, which are not visible for the end user. However these changes leads to a better, more reliable, experience for everyone


Fort version 3.3 released.
Many minor changes and improvements including updated translations.
Better password strength meter.
Improved performance in some cases.
Clipboard monitor to clear the clipboard every five minutes. This feature will be more useful in the future, and it's part of an bigger feature update coming in 2018.
Added Chinese and Hungarian translations.


Fort version 3.2 released.
Fort 3.2 includes many usability fixes and some minor bug fixes.
Fort standalone now knows files user encrypted via the shell extension.
Files can be now opened directly from the Fort standalone.
Fixed missing tooltip text in the About-button
Installing license can be now done also from the About-dialog.
Minor changes how file extensions are handled in some situations.
Added Korean, Italian and Polish translations.
FortMachine library is now available as open source under the GPL license.


Fort version 3.1 is now available.
This version includes very important security fix related how files are encrypted. If you use FortStandalone and/or freeware FortDecryption tool you must upgrade. It's recommended that before upgrading you decrypt all your files and encrypt them again after installing Fort 3.1.


Fort version 3.0 is now available. This release is mostly about internal changes. We decided to increase the version number to 3.0 as Fort today is well tested and has stable features. Some of the planned changes were postponed as we don't really want include too much bloat into Fort.
It's now possible to select and use custom virtual keyboard.
Portable version is also available for those who want to run Fort from USB drive.
Fixed a bug were encryption failed sometimes when using Fort standalone.


32bit version of Fort Portable is now available. See downloads.


Portable version of Fort 2.2 released. It's now possible to run Fort from an usb drive or similar. See downloads. Currently only 64bit version is available, but 32bit portable version will follow in January.
Please note that the portable version does not include explorer shell extension, as it's not possible to develop portable shell extensions for Windows. Other than that, portable version is the same as the standard release.


Version 2.2 released.
Multiple selected files can be now encrypted/decrypted at once.
Better password dialog usability, when possible.
Added missing translations.
Fixed a bug where in some rare cases encryption would overwrite existing file.


Version 2.2 BETA released. This release is not officially available yet, but can be downloaded from the official support forums. See this post.


Version 2.1 released.
New major feature: Standalone Fort desktop application (the shell extension is of course also included).
New languages are included: German and Russian. French translation is improved.
How to translate?
Fixed minor bugs how the shell extension is initialized.
Prepared the code base for future development and features.
Improved installer to detect old versions of Fort.
Usability improvements, Fort can be now started from a desktop icon.


New major feature: Fort now supports 4096 bit keyfiles.
New languages are included: French.
How to translate?
Fixed a bug where translation was always in English during decryption.
Fixed a bug where data integrity check was not always timing safe.
Several very minor bug fixes
Improved installer
Support forum is now available.


An option to verify passphrase when encrypting (disabled by default)
Full support for translations. Available languages included now: English, Finnish and Brazil.
How to translate?
Fixed a bug where settings where not preserved after machine reboot
Several very minor bug fixes


Support for zipping and encrypting directories
Option to turn recursive directory encryption on (disabled by default)
Windows Explorer menu integration is now cleaner and easier to navigate
Fix: Files without extension where not encrypted


Fort Extension now supports directories
When encrypting, there's now possibility to generate a passphrase automatically
Standalone tool for creating secure passphrases is now available

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